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Hello. I finally back to blog. Exam start on next saturday , but i havent prepare anything for it. This few days i'm keep on thinking about last time. why i still care ? because i miss everything last time ? I dont know. Just suddenly i have that feel. You , just a passer by in my life , arent you ? Memories , it just memories . I will let it be the past. This is the only way i can do. I know i am not mature enough to handle a relationship , i can mess up everything, and make it become more worst. So i just want to concentrate on my study , my spm . :) I will change , i want to become more mature in everything.

Sometimes, it is hard for me to tell out my problem. I dont know how to tell out. I know some problem just can solved by myself. Others cant help. I want to cry out , sometime. But i told myself , i cant cry , i want to be strong. I dont know why my mood can be down like hell this days , now i am finally okay :)

Just dont think so much , everything will be okay :D That's all . I actually dont know what am i writing, it like a crap. A random post ! :)

直到現在,才漸漸明白,原來大部分我認為好的或不好的人,在我短暫而又漫長的人生里,他們不過是匆匆過客而已 。
就算當時印像多深, 交情多鐵。 到最後, 或許只是匆匆一瞥, 分開了就很難再有交集, 僅此而已。

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