Hello :)

Sunday, 11 March 2012 @ 21:12 | 0 Comment [s]

It's holidays now. :)
just finish first term exam :D

so i'm back to blog.

last sunday 040312 .
went to thinking day at negeri sembilan with mua friends . :)
take ktm to thr. 2 hours. so damn long.

zhen fui , me and lynn :D

us :D

at night went to sunway pyramid. :)
and buy an i-phone 4s.
cant imagine haha.

follow me on instagram : cjoyi
and pudding : joyichoong

dinner at old town :D

saturday , 100311.
Mummy birthday ! :D
happy birthday to my dearest mummy !
i always love you.
dinner with aunt and uncle ! :D
sister. :)

couple shirt with mummy ! :)

sunday , 110312.
went sunway pyramid again ! :DD

dinner at thai thai restaurant.
celebrate mummy bitthday! :D
environment is good .
thai food is tasty ! :p
tom yam soup is spicy but nice ;)
daddy and mummy !

my dearest sis ! :D

dad bought a B.smith handbag for mummy.
chatime is always my love. (Y)

Twitter, is the best place to express my feeling.
I know nowadays my mood is so down.
but so what ? life still goes on.
give up is the only choice.

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They are my bff. :D


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